Q: When are new pages being released?

A: I have no set schedule. Since this comic is not my source of income, other
obligations/work might sometimes get in the way. Usually, I will upload a
new page every few days, or about 2 pages per week.

Q: How much time does it take to draw one page?

A: About 2-3 days. One day for the sketch and inking, another for coloring, and another for the color finish and digital editing. It really varies depending on the level of detail per page.

Q: Do you take on commission work?

A: I do, but only for projects that suit me/my style. Please visit my other portfolio for my illustrations: www.skyjackstudios.com

No unpaid commissions, as my free time goes into making this comic! 

Q: Will there be a printed version?

A: Yes, I definitely want there to be a printed version once the comic is has been completed. I haven´t decided about the form of publishing yet though.

Q: What tools do you use?

A: Please see the “Tools” section for a detailed list of all the art tools I use for creating Cat@Net.

More Questions? Ask me! mail@cat-at-net.com