I´m Marvin, an illustrator from Germany.
Like every other artist, I´ve been drawing since early childhood and haven´t really stopped. Since this has distracted me from growing up, moving on in life, and getting a real job, I am now stuck being a freelance illustrator and comic artist 😛

As a ’90s Kid’, my strongest early influences where (to no-one´s surprise) the “Dragonball” manga and the “Sailor Moon” Anime. Through these, I´ve discovered plenty other manga such as “Kenshin“, “Evangelion“, “Berserk“, and many others.
Being in the firm grip of all these fantastic and wonderfully drawn new worlds, I began drawing my first few own manga-projects at around 12 years.

At 15 years, I purchased my first beginner graphic tablet and took a deep-dive into digital painting. This continued for about 10 years, and my goal was to become a videogame concept artist, mostly for environments. You can still find my old works here:

I took on a couple of illustration commissions for smaller indie-projects during this time, but became bored of creating digital videogame-art at some point. That was when I re-discovered more traditional forms of illustration. I still very much appreciate digital art and concept-art to this day, but the more traditional, often hand-drawn artworks felt more heartful and ‘free’ to me than the repeating illustrations of sci-fi ships and fantasy monsters.
This led me to sort oft start from scratch (or rather return to my roots) as an artist and abandon my previous path as a digital concept-artist. I´ve started a new portfolio, which you can find here:
Obvious influences are, among others, the fantastic art of Victo Ngai, and Tatsuro Kiuchi.

Now, I am focusing on creating the comic that I´ve carried with me in my head for a decade. I have actually started several iterations already, but was never really satisfied with how it turned out. I knew that I wanted to work in traditional media, but transitioning back was quite difficult after working almost entirely digital for over 10 years. My special thanks go out to Juanjo Guarnido (“Blacksad“) and Mateusz Urbanowicz (“Tokyo Storefronts“) for keeping me motivated through their amazing art, as well as many other artists and their works.
At this point, I do not feel like my art could in any way live up to what they have created, but if I waited for the day to come when I would finally consider myself “good enough”, I might be to weak to lift a pen! 😛

For now, I just hope that my comic will bring some joy to those who are willing to give it a read, and maybe even motivate others to start their own dream project, whatever that may be.
It is not about creating a perfect comic, but about finishing one.

Apart from my artistic background have I lived for one year respectively in Canada (Montréal) and Japan (Yokohama).
I also very much enjoy spicy food and videogames.
I have two cats, John & Yoko, of which you can find some pictures here.

Thank you for stopping by!

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