Breed: European Shorthair
Age: 20 (cat years)
The main cat of the story! A brisk and curious young feline.
Having just moved to a new neighborhood, Iago is up for exploration and adventure. So much so that his reckless attitude might even get him into trouble from time to time!
Yet he keeps an positive outlook for all kinds of new encounters.
Only his jumping skills seem to be somewhat sub-par…


The Captain

Breed: Persian
Age: 53 (cat years)
A veteran stray cat who has seen it all. 
Albeit his staggering appearance, he has a warm and welcoming character. While appearing somewhat crude and careless at times, he won’t hesitate when action needs to be taken.
A cat who’s basis for judgement stems from instinct and experience.
The Captain is a loyal and reliable friend to everyone around him.



Breed: American Shorthair
Age: 22 (cat years)
The ‘good soul’ of the cat gang.
Ellie always displays a gentle and elegant demeanor, which often helps to resolve conflict within the group. Her well-spoken and cordial character indicates a good upbringing.
This does not, however, mean that Ellie is the least bit less courageous or keen than any other street cat. Her resolute spirit won’t be restrained by anyone.



Breed: Japanese Bobtail
Age: 31 (cat years)
Bo is a cat with both a soft body and soul.
He is easy to be friends with and bares no grudges with anyone.
A cat of few words (very few, actually…) who enjoys a slow and cozy lifestyle.
His nose is second to none, however!
Bo likes to avoid conflict whenever possible, but won’t hold back when it comes to helping a friend in need. He also knows when and how to use his reserved strength, should the situation call for it.



Breed: ???
Age: 19 (cat years)
This ‘cat’ has a lively and joyful character, and is always ready for some fun.
Since Murphy likes to talk and chat, it never gets too quiet when he’s around.
Murphy lives for three things: food, fun and friends, and can’t seem to ever get enough of any of these.



Breed: Cornish Rex
Age: 38 (cat years)
A stern, serious cat.

Being easily annoyed by silly behavior, Russ is difficult to approach, and even more hard to become friends with.
This cold appearance stems from Russ’ overprotective attitude toward those he does consider family – first and foremost Chip, with whom he seems to share a special bond. Although Russ likes to consider himself a ‘lone wolf’, one is practically never without the other.

Even though the Captain is by his role of the group’s founder also it’s (more or less) official leader, Russ likes to think of himself as it’s protector and rational core.




Breed: Chausie
Age: ???

Chip is an odd cat.
It is unclear what caused this somewhat unnatural behavior, but it also led to an impairment of speech, it seems. Nevertheless, this does not prevent Chip from having a happy, well-natured disposition.
Being both high in empathy and naïvety, Chip’s friendly character is one reason for Russ to be extra protective about this peculiar member of the cat gang.